Tuesday, September 3, 2013

creative critter

Here's a great project I learned this summer. It starts with a couple of random blobs of paint and morphs into fun critters.

You can do this alone or with others which is really fun because then you add on to what the others start.

One your paper randomly paint a couple of blob shapes....they don't have to be any shape in particular just use fairly thin paint. Alternatively, you can use colour markers or pencils.....just get a couple of blobs onto your paper.

If you're working/playing with others pass your blobs to someone else to do the next step.

Next step: rotate the paper around until you find a form you can work with and add some eyes. Then outline the shapes using a black marker. Make it rough and fluid - keep your arms and hands relaxed. Then you can pass it on again (or keep working on it yourself) for the next person to add details. Keep adding details until you're happy with your critter. You can add some words to express how you're feeling or write a poem or add a quote. Pour your emotion into it so if you're feeling cranky make it a cranky critter. By the time you're done you won't feel so cranky anymore!

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